I make spots
I make films
I make content
I make things happen


973 462 4388

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A nimble,creative expert in making powerful things happen.

Comfortable leading a swarming crew of 100 in Thailand or a brave band of 3 in Oklahoma.

At home in a boardroom in New York or the outback of Australia.

Weaver of compelling real stories with award winning filmmakers.

Pioneer in branded entertainment.

Expert in multi-cultural and global advertising.

Master of all media and formats,adept in all forms of animation and special effects.

A hands on collaborator with a light touch developed through years of experience on all sides of the business.

Trust builder between client and creative partners.

Skilled at cost reduction, international negotiation and navigating clients through every phase of production.

I listen. I ask questions. I answer them. I save money. I solve problems. I fight for quality.
I’m there to the end. I serve the work.

Specialties: Long Form Web Content, Broadcast Commercial Production, International Production, Multi Cultural Production, Branded Entertainment, Post Production Supervision, Animation and Special Effects Production, Independent Filmmaking, Production Consultantcy, Agency Department Building, Educational Film Production Programs, Production Internship Programs